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The pain of not knowing what happened


On the 15th anniversary of Tiffany Morrison’s death, her family continues to search for answers and justice.

Her older sister Melanie Morrison has made it her mission to keep her face and story in the public awareness sphere to help find the person responsible for her murder.

“Because of COVID-19, instead of having a gathering for the march and the vigil at the memorial site, we had t-shirts made, and we did a free giveaway and asked people to post pictures wearing the shirt online and to wear it all day on Friday (June 18),” said Morrison.

Tiffany went missing on June 18, 2006. She was only 24-yearsold. Her remains were later found in a wooded area near the Mercier Bridge on May 31, 2010, just one kilometre away from her home.

“There was a lot of interest in it. Many photos were shared online. They also put up pictures of Tiffany, reward posters, and different options that people could post as their profile or cover photo on Facebook,” she explained.

She said this year it wasn’t just community members who participated in raising awareness, but also people from Chateauguay, La Salle, Lachine and St. Constant.

“There was really a big show of support as well with an influx of new members on the Justice for Tiffany Facebook page,” said Morrison.

The family did not charge for the t-shirts. Nevertheless, a few people donated money, which Morrison then used to buy two big potted flowers from Jojo’s Nursery to adorn Tiffany’s memorial site.

“I told Kelly Mayo, who manages Jojo’s Nursery, what was going on, and she gave us a discount on the flowers and then she messaged me to come back because she had prepared some flowers to donate,” said Morrison.

Mayo ended up donating eight beautiful planters for the memorial site, which Morrison called “unexpected and wonderful.”

Morrison believes that what also helped spread the word this year was the Surete du Quebec’s (SQ) public plea for help to solve Tiffany’s murder.

The SQ’s missing persons and unsolved cases division is asking anyone with information that could be useful in the murder case to come forward.

She also said there were no new developments to share publicly because the case remains active and has not been left on a shelf somewhere.

“It doesn’t get any better, but the family is trying to push through. And we are going to keep pushing until we get answers and my sister’s case is solved, and someone is held accountable.

“Because we can’t stop searching until we have the person that is responsible for taking her life,” said Morrison.

Anyone with information on the young woman’s disappearance or death is asked to call the SQ’s info-crime line or investigator Jimmy Jacco at the Kahnawake Peacekeepers.

“Our family encourages people who have the t-shirts to wear them as much as possible to keep Tiffany’s face out there and the fact that we still need answers, and this case needs to be solved,” she said.


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