Celebrating 50 years of Onake

Courtesy Sharon Tiohswathe Rice The Onake Paddling Club (OPC) is celebrating its 50th anniversary by preparing a photo and video series on the organization’s historical development and accomplishments since the first paddler took to the water in 1972. “Not only will we celebrate the numerous champions and medal winners throughout the

Háo’ Tewatatíhsek Tsi Nitewawennò:ten’

The kids who signed up to paddle this summer at Onake also got a chance to develop their language skill, and the Ionkwawenní:io Kanien'kéha course will continue this fall. (Courtesy Onake Paddling Club) [apss_share] Tuesday afternoon at the Onake Paddling Club Kahentiio Rice and Cassidy Meloche inflated the “Big Mama Beluga” family paddleboard,