Two communities united in 1990

Engagement in the TC, September 23, 1990 (bottom left), and the official, “second” wedding at 101 Ahsennénhson same date, five years later in 1995, with the late Frank Natawe as the officiant. (COURTESY KATHY SKYE) [apss_share] Dear Readers: As an essential service that is still open during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Eastern Door

An archeological dig without consent

A view from Kanehsatá:ke Kana:tákon, otherwise known as the village of Oka. (Courtesy Teiawenniserate Tomlinson) [apss_share] Editor's Note- This article was published last week, since then the dig has been postponed.  The Municipality of Oka announced that there would be archeological inventory work from next Tuesday, June 30 to Thursday, July 2 in

An open letter to the Oka mayor

(Editorial by Steve Bonspiel)  [apss_share] Dear Pascal Quevillon, You, and by extension the village of Oka, will never win. We, the first peoples of this land, will never stop fighting for what has always been, and always will be, ours. So you may as well give up, give in, and do what’s right. Stop fighting

Communication severed with Oka

(Marisela Amador The Eastern Door) [apss_share]  The war of words continued last Friday (August 2) between Mohawk Council of Kanesatake grand chief Serge Otsi Simon and the mayor of Oka Pascal Quevillon over a land dispute that has grown increasingly contentious.  Quevillon refused, yet again, to publically apologize for his derogatory remarks about

Land fight heats up in Kanesatake

Kanesatake protesters let their drums be heard this week as tensions escalate in the area over a proposed land transfer from an Oka developer. (Marisela Amador, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Tensions flared this week in Kanesatake and the municipality of Oka, where meetings were called by Mohawk Council of Kanesatake grand chief

Walking with the ghosts of the Oka Crisis

[apss_share] Twenty-Nine years after the Oka Crisis, Kanesatake is faced with an opportunity to dance with old traumas as they navigate new relations around the pine forest area with the old wounds that accompany it. The Pines, for many Mohawk people in both Kanesatake and Kahnawake, has come to represent a place

Developer offers Mohawk land back to Kanesatake

Activist Ellen Gabriel (pictured here in 2017 protests) is not comfortable with the agreement between Oka landowner Gregoire Gollin and the Mohawk Council, as details of the exchange have not been revealed. (file photo) [apss_share] Two years after a confrontation on land in the Pines, developer Gregoire Gollin said he’s giving the

Lifeline tossed in flood zone, as waters rise

Julie Gaspé looks at what was her yard, and now is completely submerged. The only way to leave her property is via a small path in the back yard. (Natalia Fedosieiva, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Montreal authorities declared a state of emergency last Friday, as the number of flooded homes on the