Artist highlights Inuit women’s refined craftwork

Courtesy McCord Museum The first thing your eye is drawn to in the exhibition space for Piqutiapiit at the McCord Museum in Montreal is the faces of the Inuit women in the massive photographs lining the walls. They are even bigger than life-sized, striking in black and white and sporting their

Winter coat initiative helps homeless

Courtesy Victoria Kalisky A father-daughter initiative is bringing some warmth to Montreal’s homeless population by donating hundreds of winter coats as freezing temperatures persist in the province. Two weeks ago, McGill University student Victoria Kalisky, 23, was grocery shopping in -30 C, and even though she was bundled up, her cheeks

Honouring Raphaël André

Laurence Brisson Dubreuil The Eastern Door “Where are they warming up?” Alexandra Ambroise asks herself this same question every night as she and the staff of the Raphaël André Memorial Tent greet sometimes upwards of hundreds of unhoused individuals seeking warmth. “When it’s cold like today, I have fewer people waiting

Art with a powerful message

(Courtesy Kaia’tanó:ron Dumoulin Bush)  For a soft-spoken artist, Kaia’tanó:ron Dumoulin Bush’s art has a lot to say. With bright, bold colours and a canvas chock-full of action and movement, the Kanien’kehá:ka and French artist’s work has a message to deliver. And from now until December 18, that message is on display at

Indigenous photos to take over Montreal streets

(Courtesy Martin Akwiranoron Loft) Photographer Martin Akwiranoron Loft’s portraits of Kahnawa’kehró:non will be displayed in the streets of Montreal as part of a photo project highlighting the forced displacement of Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Forced Displacement is a photo action organized through the international Inside Out Project, which is an initiative that encourages

Canadiens’ land acknowledgment gets politicized

Michel Lacroix has been announcing the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre for nearly three decades, but when he recently found his script containing the words Kanien’kehá:ka and Tiohtià:ke, he turned to community member Kenneth Deer for pronunciation coaching. “He’s doing well,” said Deer, the former secretary for the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation

Remembering Joyce Echaquan

Purple was the colour of honour at the vigil held to commemorate the life of Joyce Echaquan. A year has come and gone since the Atikamekw mother of seven live-streamed her last moments where she was taunted by racist remarks from nursing staff at the Joliette Hospital. The anniversary of her death

Indigenous leaders inspire Montreal crowd

Every word spoken by Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel carried through the heavy air as hundreds of people attentively listened, desperately trying to absorb their meaning. “Why did it take finding evidence of the children for you all to rise up together with us?” pleaded the Kanehsata’kehró:non, as she addressed the sea of

Vaccines and shelter for the unhoused in Montreal

Resilience Montreal worked alongside Montreal's public health to hold a vaccination clinic for the unhoused population on Wednesday, April 28, at the Pentecostal Church located across from Cabot Square. LAURENCE BRISSON DUBREUIL, THE EASTERN DOOR Since the beginning of the pandemic, the homeless population in Montreal has been confronted with more obstacles

Seaway activity comes to a close

(COURTESY ST. LAWRENCE SEAWAY MANAGEMENT CORPORATION) [apss_share] Dear Readers: As an essential service that is still open during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Eastern Door is fighting hard to keep news like this flowing, in our print product, though an online subscription at and here, for free, on our website and Facebook. But when