Artist highlights Inuit women’s refined craftwork

Courtesy McCord Museum The first thing your eye is drawn to in the exhibition space for Piqutiapiit at the McCord Museum in Montreal is the faces of the Inuit women in the massive photographs lining the walls. They are even bigger than life-sized, striking in black and white and sporting their

Indigenous Voices of Today

A new permanent exhibit at the McCord Museum shines a spotlight on Indigenous knowledge, trauma and resilience, as told by Onkwehón:we themselves. Museums have long been criticized for the way they represent non-European societies, often portraying them through the settler point of view and perpetuating subjugation by displaying culturally important artifacts that were

Shame if you miss Monkman’s take on prejudice

Shame and Prejudice:A Story of Resilience is now at the McCord Museum in Montreal and tells an unabashedly critical and cheeky history of Canada and its relationship with Indigenous people, as only Kent Monkman could. Miss Chief Eagle Testickle is here making a statement about appropriation of Indigenous imagery in