Tattoo gathering in the Pines this weekend

Courtesy Karonhioko’he Doxtater Karonhioko’he Doxtater gave her first stick-and-poke tattoo to her sister with just a sewing needle and thread. She said her start as a tattoo artist began as a fluke, but six years later, she had amassed a growing client list. Doxtater’s availability is booked through the Kanehsatake Traditional Indigenous

Expect long delays for estate management

Handling the affairs of deceased Kahnawa’kehró:non and Kanehsata’kehró:non may have just gotten a little bit harder for already grieving loved ones. For more than 20 years, Kahnawake’s Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) building, known to community members as the White House, processed and assisted with membership registrations, estates and lands. But

Racism allegations at Ontario Summer Games

Courtesy Kaiatanoron Mayo When Taiosheratie Mayo went to see her younger brother Shatekaienthon Van Dommelen, 16, play at the Ontario Summer Games last weekend, she was not prepared for what she saw. There he was, #6 on defense for Six Nations, playing against the Oshawa Blue Knights (OBK) with his signature

Mohawk TikTokers bring culture to their followers

Courtesy Owen Skahionwiio Mayo Owen Skahionwiio Mayo is known to nearly 25,000 TikTok followers as @modern_mohawk, and it’s clear that he lives up to his handle. The comments section of his most-liked videos are filled with questions asking how certain Mohawk words are pronounced, the history of lacrosse, and powwow dancing

Promoting the language gets trio noticed

Courtesy Wennekerakon Tiewishaw Revital Software, a company that specializes in the creation of Indigenous language revitalization games and resources, was selected as a 2022 Pow Wow Pitch semi-finalist. The company was founded by two Kanehsata’kehró:non sisters, Kahentawaks and Wennekerakon Tiewishaw, and their friend Frederyk Kowalczyk in 2020. It caters to educational

Fox with mange needs help

Courtesy Catherine Arsenault Kahnawake’s Animal Protection Department has set two live traps in an effort to catch and treat a fox with mange on Tekakwitha Island. The department is urging Kahnawa’kehró:non to report any sightings of the fox and to avoid disturbing the traps or the animal itself. Mange is characterized