Tobacco case sets jurisprudence

In the end, barring federal appeal, of course, Derek White beat both Quebec and Canada at their own game, in their own courtrooms, and...

Educating our youth the right way

Restriction is a form of control based on fear, not on power, and in the case of the Quebec government’s latest decree to try...

Running a newspaper in our communities

We try to save this kind of editorial for January, which will mark 21 years in the business for the current editor, or July,...

A day to remember our children

Whether you call it Orange Shirt Day or Truth and Reconciliation Day, September 30 is a special time to honour our residential school heroes...

Birks promo wasn’t well thought out

First, the positive: Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer and her partner Tami Jo Rice are proud of who they are as a gay couple in Kahnawake. That...

What to say when the unthinkable happens?

What words can be written when a tragedy strikes, with one young teenage girl ultimately losing her life? There are none. Many don’t want to share...

A disgraceful end to housing inquiry

The housing investigation is over, and many are left shaking their heads after no charges were laid.

Feather Gardens production lands laughs

Courtesy Hudson Village Theatre It’s no easy feat to get a room full of settlers to laugh at themselves, but the Hudson Village Theatre’s production...

Walking with the ghosts of the Oka Crisis

Twenty-Nine years after the Oka Crisis, Kanesatake is faced with an opportunity to dance with old traumas as they navigate new relations around the...

Iawentón:nia Kohserà:ke (tánon ne watstáhshion)!

When it comes to opinions, TED's mighty mite Kahenientha Cross doesn't mince words. (File Photo) Kí ohstón:’a wahentiiohstá:nion ontié:nawa’se kí tsi kohserà:ke tsi niiawentón:nia, iah...

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