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Monday, February 6, 2023

Was it an AFN assembly or a Liberal party meeting?

By: Russell Diabo, Special to The Eastern Door The Assembly of First Nations just held its 38th Annual Assembly in Regina, Saskatchewan two weeks ago, with reportedly...

Keepers of the Earth: Continuing to stand up

This past weekend’s big news about the US Army Corps of Engineers turning down the Dakota Access Pipeline permit was a great victory for...

Keepers of the Earth: Properly disposing of electronics goes beyond “just recycling”

  Ever wonder what to do with your old iPod? You know, the one you shattered after dropping it on the kitchen tiles. Or where...

Stop the Pocahotties

A western-themed party organized by the owner of Montreal Alouettes’ football team last week sparked controversy after photos posted to Instagram revealed a few...

Keepers of the Earth: A green New Year’s resolution

It’s still very early into 2017. Many of you are still sticking to your plans of eating better, hitting the gym or maybe giving...

The benefits of being home for the school year

By: Tahotharatie Diabo, The Eastern Door’s Heads Up Honcho Since I was young my mother has taught me everything I know, from reading to writing to...

Why Orange Shirt Day matters to everyone

This morning the community will gather to honour residential school survivors and remember the ones who never came home. Orange Shirt Day, an initiative started...

Feather Gardens production lands laughs

Courtesy Hudson Village Theatre It’s no easy feat to get a room full of settlers to laugh at themselves, but the Hudson Village Theatre’s production...

A disgraceful end to housing inquiry

The housing investigation is over, and many are left shaking their heads after no charges were laid.

Summer student scoop: Happy Canada Day? A complicated experiment

This is Peter Phillips - he's The Eastern Door's 2016 summer student. (Jessica Deer, The Easter Door) Today is Canada Day and the country turns...

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