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Monday, February 6, 2023

Charting a family, discovering history

John Masiewicz’s passion for charting family trees, and tracing genealogy led the electrical engineer to Gervase Macomber and a history of one of Kahnawake’s...

Hospital mural recognizes frontline workers

(Marisela Amador The Eastern Door) Dear Readers: As an essential service that is still open during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Eastern Door is fighting hard to...

Schools to stay closed till fall

Premier Francois Legault announced recently that schools will gradually re-open in Quebec, but Kahnawake has other plans. All schools will remain closed for the remainder...

Allegations of more racism in hospital

COURTESY GOOGLEMAPS Two nurses were terminated on Tuesday at a Joliette CLSC after Jocelyne Ottawa, who is Atikamekw, alleged that they had mocked and taunted...

Community reacts to church vandalism

MARISELA AMADOR THE EASTERN DOOR “My initial reaction was dismay and concern that this is how the anger and hurt are being processed,” said community...

Aspiring cinema writer wins scholarship

Nineteen-year-old Tehosterihens Deer was awarded this year’s Jesse Deer Memorial Media Scholarship. (Jessica Deer, The Eastern Door) Second-year cinema student Tehosterihens Deer is the latest recipient...

Inquiry helps sister’s healing journey

Kanehsata’kehró:non Cheryl McDonald shared the story of her sister Carleen’s disappearance and death. (Jessica Deer, The Eastern Door) Warning, this article contains sensitive words not...

Lifeline tossed in flood zone, as waters rise

Julie Gaspé looks at what was her yard, and now is completely submerged. The only way to leave her property is via a small...

Miller and representatives discuss border issues

Liberal MP Marc Miller said politicians like himself need to go beyond the surface of communities to engage on issues that effect Indigenous communities....

UPDATED: Dumped junk picked up

(Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) A junk remover from Montreal spent Thursday cleaning up a pile of junk he left in Kahnawake the week...

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