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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A battle for recognition for Indigenous police services

First Nations police need better funding from the federal and provincial governments to serve their communities effectively, Kahnawake's chief Peacekeeper told the Assembly of...

Former landfill coordinator goes to prison

Ronald Jacobs (centre with arms crossed) began serving a one-year jail term for fraud last Friday, while his nephew pled guilty on the same...

Majority in Kahnawake okay with local pot sale

MCK chief Rhonda Kirby intends to be part of another CDMP meeting before ratifying a local cannabis law. A poll found a majority in...

Petition questions Fair Wage Agreement on labour

The question for those signing on to a circling petition is whether to continue using Fair Wage Agreements or move to a system where...

By-election candidates draw few

Upon entering the Knights of Columbus Hall last Thursday evening, a pindrop could be heard in the sea of empty chairs laid out for nearly 100 people. But by then, only six seats had been occupied.

Steady progress in housing

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake (MCK) is tackling the housing crisis in the community head-on.

Family man and fighter for the average Joe passes

Kahnawake was shocked and saddened to hear the news that long-serving Mohawk Council of Kahnawake chief Martin Leborgne passed away Tuesday night, leaving a...

In solidarity with Mi’kmaq Nation

Although last minute, Sunday’s demonstration gathered close to 100 hundred cars along Highway 640. (COURTESY AL HARRINGTON) Dear Readers: As an essential service that is still...

Confronting bullies together

(COURTESY SUZANNE JACOBS) Lexi Fox, left, fell victim to bullying, and she has had a huge impact on the community. Her mother Suzanne Jacobs (pictured...

Winter coat initiative helps homeless

A father-daughter initiative is bringing some warmth to Montreal’s homeless population by donating hundreds of winter coats as freezing temperatures persist in the province.

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