The year of little progress

When we first started writing about the year that was, 2023, we read over the recaps (see pages 6, 9, 21) of the top...

Ensuring town safety is a long process

When should you go ahead and banish someone from the community? That question has been bandied about after Josh Zachary was allegedly at it again,...

Tobacco case sets jurisprudence

In the end, barring federal appeal, of course, Derek White beat both Quebec and Canada at their own game, in their own courtrooms, and...

Mohawk Mothers blazing a trail

To challenge a giant head on is one thing. To do it representing yourselves in a foreign system, with no lawyers and nothing but a hunch, powerful protective instincts and bravery, is quite another.

An open letter to the Oka mayor

(Editorial by Steve Bonspiel)   Dear Pascal Quevillon, You, and by extension the village of Oka, will never win. We, the first peoples of this land, will...

Walking with the ghosts of the Oka Crisis

Twenty-Nine years after the Oka Crisis, Kanesatake is faced with an opportunity to dance with old traumas as they navigate new relations around the...

Embarrass yourself now, compete later

Encouraging healthy competition is fine, but encouraging young people to be active, try events, and not be embarrassed to go for a fun run...

The local electoral system is deeply flawed

Candidates’ night exposed something in the local Indian Act electoral system that, if left unchecked, goes against the very democracy it purports to protect. When...

Two young women question meeting behaviour

After back-to-back meetings ended in intense confrontations and near physical altercations, two kanien'kehá:ka women reflect on what they feel causes tension in community meetings,...

Remembering the legacy of a tyrant

  John A. Macdonald. Those two words and single letter have caused quite a stir in recent months, but for Onkwehón:we, it’s old hat. We don’t like...

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