No matter the size of the town, go all in with glam

Karihwenhawi Kirby shows how to exit a pickup truck in spectacular style, as it should be. (Photos by Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] One would presume the peacock with the prettiest feathers is a lady. After all, their plumage has all the flounce and sparkle of a Dior gown embroidered with glass

She always has a trick up her sleeve

Sleeves are the thing this season and they can hide your arms in oh-so-many ways. Model Julie Delisle shows off a trio of stylish sleeves for this week’s photoshoot. (Photos by Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Quite literally. Who needs a hat? The way the sleeve is having a moment this

Truth is stranger than the cricket’s friction

Eastern Door reporter Jessica Deer's standard wardrobe of blazers and band t-shirts finally found their way to stylish runways, but... she still isn't capable of walking in those beautiful red heels. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] I really wish I could remember the name of the book, but in a certain young