An archeological dig without consent

A view from Kanehsatá:ke Kana:tákon, otherwise known as the village of Oka. (Courtesy Teiawenniserate Tomlinson) [apss_share] Editor's Note- This article was published last week, since then the dig has been postponed.  The Municipality of Oka announced that there would be archeological inventory work from next Tuesday, June 30 to Thursday, July 2 in

Paddlers ready to take on the world

Jesse Rice (paddling in the front of boat) qualified for the Canadian National outrigger team in the open men’s category and will be competing in a six-man category in Australia next month. (Courtesy Jesse Rice) [apss_share] A half-dozen Kahnawa’kehró:non are making literal waves, with their paddles booking places on teams that will

Montour explores Mary Two-Axe Earley’s legacy

A portrait supplied by Ed Earley of the late Mary Two-Axe Earley, a historical figure of Canadian history. Local documentarian Courtney Montour is looking for material of the famous activist for an upcoming project. (Courtesy Ed Two-Axe Earley and Courtney Montour) [apss_share] Kahnawa’kehró:non documentarian Courtney Montour is directing a project focusing on

Goodleaf’s celebrates 60 years of dedication

The gas station Buddy Goodleaf built has passed on its generosity towards helping the community from one generation to the next. Buddy, with grandson Zach Goodleaf, who works at the garage today. (Courtesy Michelle Phillips) [apss_share] Sandra Hercegova For six decades, Goodleaf’s Auto & Tire provided for the community by offering help or