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Rave reviews for Twisted Ladle 

Tayden K. Stacey opened Kahnawake’s newest pretzel joint two weeks ago. Courtesy Tayden K. Stacey

Tayden K. Stacey has always dreamed of opening their own food business in Kahnawake. Though at times their career headed down different paths, their father’s words always echoed in their ears.  
“He always said, ‘You can choose whatever you want to do, but people will always have to eat,’” Stacey said. “And it’s true. People are always in need of food. You always have the work to do.” 

That message has been truer than ever since Stacey opened up shop a few weeks ago, selling soft pretzels, signature sandwiches, soups, and dips at their new business, Twisted Ladle.  

“The response has been wonderful. We’ve been so busy,” they said. “There’s been several times where I’ve gotten emotional, just going through social media at the end of service and seeing the level of support that I have from not just friends and family, but also people I might not even have met before. Just knowing the community has my back is amazing.” 

Community has been key in the starting days of Twisted Ladle, Stacey said. They have already worked with local business Get Loco, providing pretzel buns for their maple bourbon pulled pork sandwich, which was accompanied by 392 Pepper Company’s spicy chips.  

Customers can order a range of pretzels, soups, and snacks for pick-up. Courtesy Tayden K. Stacey 

“We were ecstatic with the collaboration as we are all fairly new businesses trying to up the food game in Kahnawake,” said Get Loco owner Jada Horne. “We should be supporting each other in all our endeavours. That way we can all thrive and reach our goals. Competing with each other only stifles that.  Kahnawake has so many great things to offer, especially now with all our different food businesses.” 

On opening week, Stacey also headed over to another local business who has supported their journey, Thrifting the Night Away. 

“(Stacey) is a big supporter of ours, and when the Twisted Ladle opened, they brought us lunch to our shop on their second day open,” said Lacey and Lanny Lazare, co-owners of Thrifting the Night Away. “It was such a surprise and a delectable treat. We are so happy for our friend and wish them all sold-out days ahead!” 

Pretzels are at the core of Twisted Ladle’s operations, inspired by the nostalgic soft pretzels of Stacey’s childhood. They wanted to elevate the classic snack with techniques they learned during their time at cooking school in 2015 and flavours they picked up from working in busy kitchens in the years following, bringing items like Cajun-spiced chicken and whipped honey dip spiced with ginger and turmeric to the menu. 

Right now, Twisted Ladle is operating on a pick-up only basis, and customers can order ahead of time on Facebook or by phone. The pick-up location, which is discoverable on Google Maps, is actually Stacey’s grandparents’ home, where Stacey has been living since they passed away. Their grandparents, Leatrice and Sonny Beauvais, often filled that kitchen with delicious smells and energy, and Stacey said it’s been meaningful to bring life to the kitchen with Twisted Ladle’s operations. 

“It brings back all the warm feelings, being able to cook out of their kitchen,” Stacey said. “It’s a special and unique opportunity to cook out of a place like this. We’ve all eaten at our grandparents’ houses before. So it’s a wholesome and wonderful experience to still support each other in this way and just be so close.” 

The business has had family support entrenched in all aspects of it, Stacey said. Their other grandmother, Kathleen McGregor, has also been one of their biggest cheerleaders in getting to opening day.  

“She’s been the biggest fan of my cooking since even before I got into cooking school. She’s always been so encouraging, and she helped buy me kitchen equipment,” they said. “Having this finally become a part of my reality is beyond exciting.” 

Stacey’s cousin, Tekaronhiahkhwa Standup, said she’s ordered three times since they’ve opened, and the food has been delicious.  

“I’m so proud of (Stacey),” she said. “Picking up the food the other day, I couldn’t help but think how proud my aunt and uncle (Stacey’s grandparents) would be. The pretzels are amazing.” 

Another community member, Kanenhontie Picard, ordered two items from the business: the “Sumthin’ Sweet” – which is a hand-rolled pretzel coated in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with melted butter – and the “Wrap It Up,” Twisted Ladle’s signature pretzel dough wrapped around an all-beef hotdog.  

“It’s so hard to explain how good these pretzel items were in short, but this is definitely everything you want in a pretzel,” Picard said. “My daughter and I even joked that Auntie Annie’s ain’t got nothing on Twisted Ladle! We look forward to trying all the other items on the menu.” 

Customers have been posting more and more rave reviews on social media, with one satisfied customer, Christiana Laposta, telling THE EASTERN DOOR she’s never had a better pretzel bun in her life. 

“So soft, salty, and delicious!” she said. “I can’t wait to try the other snacks and dips. The soup was full of colours and flavours; it was perfect for a winter day.” 

Though Stacey’s taking things easy as Twisted Ladle’s operations ramp up, they have big dreams for the business, and hope to one day open their own dine-in restaurant. 

“Having this encouragement helps me to see a future for Twisted Ladle, and see the future I want for it,” they said. “This is just the start, and I’m giving everybody a taste of what I want to do.  

Twisted Ladle is open Tuesday to Thursday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. They take cash and e-transfer, and menu updates can be found on their Facebook page.  


This article was originally published in print on March 15 in issue 33.11 of The Eastern Door.

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Eve is a reporter with the Eastern Door. She has also covered harm reduction and social justice issues for the Montreal Gazette, The Breach, Filter Magazine, and more.

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Eve is a reporter with the Eastern Door. She has also covered harm reduction and social justice issues for the Montreal Gazette, The Breach, Filter Magazine, and more.