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Kahnawake girls feature in figure skating invitational 

Olivier Cadotte The Eastern Door

Two girls from Kahnawake made the podium at the Invitation Vaudreuil-Dorion over the weekend, where hundreds of youths and adults competed for figure skating glory. 

Taylah McComber won silver skating with nine-to-11-year-old STAR 1 skaters, while Kaylani Delormier won gold with the 12-to-15-year-olds in the same category at the March 8-10 event at the Vaudreuil-Dorion Arena. 

They might be just getting started in the world of figure skating – this is their first year in STAR 1, the earliest level of competition – but their performances and passion for the sport suggest it won’t be the last time they’ll be competing. 

In STAR 1, skaters perform different techniques that would be part of a full routine, like a pirouette or jumps. They are then judged not compared to the other skaters in their group, but rather by their individual performances. Each portion gets averaged out into a final result – that means multiple skaters in the same group usually get gold, silver, or bronze. 

“I love skating. It’s everything to me,” said Delormier. Indeed, the girls practice three times a week, two hours at a time. Plus, they spend more time on top of that helping younger kids learn how to skate and teaching other techniques. 

Despite losing almost two years of skating time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the girls kept to it and came out wanting to get better. 

“You can see them improve over time, because they put in a lot of hard work,” said Allan Beauvais, Kaylani’s grandfather. “You get back what you put in, and they put in a lot.” 

Delormier described herself as someone who gets nervous easily when skating in front of others. But she “thinks happy thoughts,” focuses on the ice and not on those watching her and manages to get through her routine. She wasn’t the only one who got the jitters before performing on Saturday, though. 

“I think I was even more nervous than she was,” said Beauvais. In the end, he was very proud of her improvement and of her golden performance.  

“In another competition in Valleyfield earlier in the year, she ended up with a silver. This time, the competition was even better, and she was more nervous, but she pulled through and improved and got gold,” said Beauvais. 

Delormier beamed when she described her reaction to winning the medal. 

“I was so happy with how I did, and I was even happier when they called my name to say I got gold,” she said. 

Taylah’s father Kevin McComber was also extremely proud of his daughter’s performance on Sunday.  

“I had tears in my eyes a couple of times while watching,” said Kevin. “Some of her teammates and family all came to watch, and I think that gave her some more confidence.” 

Kevin described his daughter’s performance as very solid throughout the steps of the routine. According to the judges, she performed at a silver level in almost every portion, except one or two bronzes and golds that averaged out. 

“She was still happy to get silver, and she even said that she preferred silver because it was nicer than gold,” said Kevin. 

The proud grandfather and father praised the coaching the girls received and mentioned it as an important part of the young skaters’ success so far. 

“The coach does a great job of keeping her focused during the competition,” said McComber. Taylah and Kaylani are expected to move up to STAR 2 for next year and keep putting in the hours to get further into skating, with hopes of competing at the highest level one day. 


This article was originally published in print on March 15 in issue 33.11 of The Eastern Door.

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