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Skating show brings tropical vibes

Andrea Nikolov The Eastern Door

The Kahnawake Figure Skating Club (KFSC) was back at the Kahnawake Sports Complex to host its annual show on ice last Sunday, after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. 

“We were really at the mercy of the COVID restrictions, and we went a whole season without any skating whatsoever,” said Amanda Rice, director of the KFSC. “Last year we had a skating season, but we were not permitted to have a show, so this is our first year where we’ve actually been permitted to have a full season and a full show on ice.”

Though the wait was long, it seems it was all worth it to see the new generation of skaters perform to the theme “Life Is a Beach.” 

Rice couldn’t help but laugh before answering why this particular theme was chosen for the club’s return.

“We had planned the theme ‘Life Is a Beach’ for our 2020 show, but unfortunately we couldn’t do it,” she said. “After the COVID times, and with everybody now coming out of their shells and going on vacation, we kind of just thought it would be a perfect theme to carry on. Plus, for the past three years, life really has been a beach!”

With restrictions lifted entirely for the club this season, many new skaters rushed to join to learn how to glide and jump for themselves.

“Every year with our shows we always have some challenges,” coach Kimberly Cross said. “Because everyone coming in this year was so young, that was our biggest challenge. Since they had never done a show before, they didn’t know what to expect.” 

With 63 registered skaters set to perform, the coaches had their hands full. “Coming on the ice when it’s dark, there’s curtains around, and there’s all these people watching, it’s super overwhelming for them. But they were all spectacular in the end. They knew what they were doing, they were confident while doing it, so our job was done, and they did absolutely amazing.”

From the evening’s soundtrack, with songs like Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Kokomo by The Beach Boys, to each skater’s outfit, close to nothing could take the spectators’ eyes off the ice.

Everyone paid attention to the three-year-old skaters who stumbled onto the ice in their beach-themed costumes and to the veteran skaters who gave dynamic choreographies to the catchiest songs. Solo and duo performances that were performed also had people entirely focused on the ice.  

Each skater brought their own flair and skills onto the ice. Among them was junior skater Taylah McComber, who performed as Disney princess Moana. “I feel free when I’m on the ice,” McComber said.

Coach Kaniehténhawe was proud to call the show’s revival a success and thanked the great community for their support.

“Everybody gets so involved with everything, and it’s just the whole spirit of the club. Everyone gets to come together, plus everyone’s families can come to watch them. It’s really just awesome to see and be a part of it,” she said.


Andrea Nikolov
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