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Scholarships awarded for outstanding performance

Ra’nikonhrí:io Lazare, Lily Deer, Mariah McComber and Dara Bordeau were awarded scholarships last Thursday for academic success and community involvement. (Courtesy Melanie Morrison)             


The Caisse Populaire Kahnawake committee congratulated four scholarship recipients for their outstanding academic achievements last Thursday.

A winner in the high-school category, a winner from the Kanien’keha Ratiwennahin:rats Adult Immersion Language Program, and two winners in the university category were announced during the presentation.

The Caisse Populaire Kahnawake scholarship is one-time award to a student who is a member of the Caisse, have completed one full year of a school or been accepted to a certain program, depending on a category. Students previously awarded the scholarship in the category mentioned above, were not eligible.

Participants must follow a fairly rigorous process of specific requirements, such as to provide the most recent transcript and two letters of reference, a two-page essay describing career goal or a person that inspired him/her to enter certain school, and describing how the Caisse scholarship will help to attain a specific goal.

Shereen K. Meloche, communications coordinator, said applications were evaluated on grade point average, participation in school activities, sports, arts and community involvement by the three committee members (one community member, one member of the Board of Directors and one staff member).

“The scholarships were established by the Caisse Populaire Kahnawake’s Board of Directors to express their appreciation to the students of our community who not only excel academically, but also find the time to volunteer and participate in arts or sports activities,” she said.

Meloche believes that grades are important, “but it is also important for students to demonstrate their willingness to contribute to our community and expand themselves to become a productive member of Kahnawake. The students who are attending this evening’s presentation have demonstrated these qualities and received the recognition they deserve,” she said.

Unfortunately, two scholarships in the CEGEP/Vocational categories were not awarded to any students due to the lack of applicants, Meloche said.

“We at the Caisse Populaire Kahnawake encourage all students who match the criteria to apply,” she added.

Dara Bordeau, the award recipient in the high-school category, believes it was great for high school students to apply for scholarship in order to get the opportunity to spend more for their afterschool activities.

“I feel happy,” she said, “It is possible not just for colleges and universities, but also for the younger (students),” she said.

Bordeau thinks it is important to encourage people to succeed in their education and career.

“It can help people feel motivated to try doing new things, knowing that there is a possible way and help from the community to do the things that they like,” she said.


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