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Mohawk Miles run, rain or shine, young or old

(Natalia Fedosieieva, The Eastern Door)


A total of 119 participants indifferent running groups hit the streets in Kahnawake for the 34th annual Mohawk Miles race, organized by the Kahnawake Youth Center (KYC), last Sunday.

Each of the eight categories varied in age, children from zero to five, adults, and all the way up to masters, 60 years of age and up. Four sets of running races as well as a walk-race were held: the 1.6KM and 3KM runs, the 5 and 10KM and 5KM walk.

After the races, there was also a fundraising lunch and a ceremony of the medal presentations.

Program manager Wahsontiio Montour, said the Mohawk Miles race has become a nice community tradition.

“The community comes out every year here, rain or shine, to participate in this long-standing event,” she said.

Montour thinks it is important because organizing the running races every year means promoting healthy lifestyle.

“We want the community to be healthy and active,” she said. “The kids are very excited about how much more they could run,” she said, “Especially because running is such a big sport now with the circuit in Montreal, our annual racers for health, and they look forward to it.”

Marley Goodleaf, 11, did the 1.6KM run and came to the finish in 8.59, good enough for 11th place.

She has been participating for three years in a row and thinks, “the event is really fun. I like it, because you got to run and exercise for health,” she said.

Paxton Kahentaiesen Phillips, the Mohawk Miles walker,

participates in the event almost every year, and did the 5KM walking race with her sister and niece.

She thinks the event is important as family time and for her well-being.

“It is basically to encourage people to come out and be healthy and get some exercise. I wish more people came out for it,” she said.

Kyle Zacharie, director of operations at KYC, said Mohawk Miles is a great reason for the community, from tiny tots to seniors, to gather for social and physical activity, and every year more and more people are joining the event.

“I am happy with the turnout,” he said, “I think it’s a beautiful day, so we are lucky. It’s a great event in the community.”

According to the KYC, the results for the 1.6KM race, Coyote David finished first at 6.58, Ashtyn David got second place at 7.17, and in third place was Emma Tritton at 7.20.

Bryce Montour finished in first in the 3KM race at 8.18, Greg Diabo won two first places, getting to the finish at 20.22 in the 5KM run and 40.57 in the 10KM race, while Iotshatenawi Reed walked the 5KM race and won first place at 44.06.


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