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Parties coming, time to make the face shine

With care, you can make your face a work of art. With impatience, it can go a totally different way. (Karihwenha:wi Kirby, The Eastern Door)

Karihwenha:wi Kirby

Special to The Eastern Door

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. With the holiday parties right around the corner, having the perfect Christmas makeup look is a necessity.

Always make sure your foundation is long wearing so you don’t sweat the makeup throughout the evening. I suggest the Maybelline Fit me Foundation, which is not only affordable, but long wearing and gives the skin a flawless finish.

Set it with some translucent powder to ensure its longevity but make sure it doesn’t give flashback when taking a photo. I love colourful eyes during Christmas time but it can be hard to achieve a good blend.

Make sure you prime your eyes with a little bit of foundation or concealer to create a base for the colours. Start with a transition shade in your crease and ensure that it is blended out so when you add deeper shades it blends easier.

LIFE HACK: put tape under your lower lash line and extend it out past your eye. This helps you to get a sharp winged eyeliner and limits fallout.

For those who want to go dramatic, glitter is always the go-to. However, it can get a little messy so begin with a small amount and build it up as you go.

I spray my flat concealer brush with M.A.C Fix Plus or any setting spray I have and then I dip into my glitter and apply it on my eyelid. If you end up having glitter on your face, use tape to take it off. Don’t apply the glitter before your eyeshadow because it won’t blend out nicely.

For a natural look I suggest doing a light colour wash over the lid with bold eyeliner and a red lip. A colour wash is one medium tone colour that is placed all over the lid, which will enhance your eye colour and give some definition.

Do use a lip liner to line your lips before applying lipstick or else the lipstick will bleed. Make sure the lipstick is matte and long wearing so that you do not have to reapply every time you take a sip of a drink. Always set your makeup with a good setting spray so that it lasts all night.

Don’t overthink your makeup look, get creative and have fun with it. I suggest doing a test run before the event to see what works and doesn’t. However, if it is not working out there are always ways to contact a professional such as myself (KMK Beauty) to get the perfect holiday look.


Karihwenha:wi Kirby is the founder and owner of KMK Beauty in Kahnawake. She is 18 years of age with three years of experience and a license in cosmetology, which she obtained at Lasalle College in Montreal.

She began her makeup journey at the age of 14 and became self-taught until the age of 17, when she attended Lasalle College. Her creativity and passion is shown through each and every makeup application.

She is currently working at  DREAM Art and Beauty studio in Kahnawake as a makeup artist. If you would like to book an appointment email makeupbykarihwenhawi@gmail.com and follow her on social media: @kmkbeauty @karihwenhawi.

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