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The benefits of being home for the school year

By: Tahotharatie Diabo, The Eastern Door’s Heads Up Honcho


Since I was young my mother has taught me everything I know, from reading to writing to math to science and history.

Being home schooled has taught me not only about basic subjects but has taught me about life too.

It’s strange to think that our people think down on home schooling today, whereas back when residential schools were new it was weird to learn there instead of from our parents.

There is a special bond between parents and their children that shouldn’t be broken. When the children become the parents, there could be a disconnection that pulls us away from our roots.

Home school is a one-on-one teacher-student experience that the school system simply cannot offer when there are 10 or more students in one classroom.

Being home also means I can take care of the house and the animals, so I have responsibilities; chore-work and schoolwork, and I go outside and get exercise at recess and I’m usually done in four to five hours.

Sometimes I get book assignments and I would have to write an essay describing the book in details, but my teacher will know if I read the book or not.

When I’m done I go visit my friends and family so my social life is fruitful and fun. It never really gets boring when it’s actually explained, you understand and you build with that knowledge on other things.

If you ask almost anyone they will say that they would rather be home-schooled. Why? Because school feels like a job and kids shouldn’t have to spend their youth working. They should be learning from experience too.

One of the misconceptions about home school is that you are lonely, but this simply isn’t the case as long as you are actively putting yourself with other kids.

I also get the summer off, which gives me time to relax and spend time with my friends and family.

Home schooling also requires patience from the student and the teacher. We depend on our teachers to help us understand and be interested in what they’re teaching us, so when public school teachers are only doing it for the money it shows in their students.

I used to play educational games on my old computer and I realized that learning could be fun, and in other ways learning could be fun, so every time I need to learn something new I welcome the idea.

Home school also needs commitment to the student because if the teacher isn’t giving it there all why should the student?

Home school isn’t just a place or a thing you can buy at the grocery store and feed to your kids. It’s an ideology.

So in conclusion I believe that everyone should consider home-schooling their children. They’ll thank you when they’re older and they’ll be happy that you took the time to home school them.

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